The Raggio Family


My husband and I have a daughter, 21, with a moderate cognitive disability. She lives at home with us and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

In early 2006, we heard of a new trust through the Disability Foundation Inc. This trust – The Ohio Community Pooled Flexible Spending Trust – was the answer to our need for a flexible trust to provide for Krista’s supplemental needs that complies with all the requirements of the SSI and Medicaid programs.

This trust was extremely easy to establish and has provided Krista many different opportunities. We have used the trust to pay for exercise classes, therapeutic horseback riding (see picture), dance classes, cable TV, companions, vacations, camps and other various activities that bring much enjoyment to Krista. This has meant a lot to her. As the Certified Elder Law attorney Jesse Beasley said: “the Trusts can be as innovative as the individual’s ability to enjoy the world around him…”

Kevin Hayde, the Executive Director of the Disability Foundation, was (and is) extremely helpful in explaining and establishing the Trust and answering any questions we had. The flexibility and ease of use of this Trust is a major advantage and the benefits are only limited by the amount that is available in the Trust.

The Raggio Family

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