Melissa and Stefan

Melissa Lemmon spent decades dedicated to ensuring her son, Stefan, diagnosed with Pervasive Development Delay/Autism at age 3, received as many advantages that would help him become an involved community member.  Whether it was through his education, opportunities to travel, employment at Dayton Children’s, she took the charge with energy. However, planning for the day when she wouldn’t be there to help with his daily financial decision was not something easily tackled.

“Just thinking about not being around and Stefan having to manage without me was, truthfully, painful,” says Lemmon.  “I put it off. Told myself I had ample time.”  Then the Covid 10 pandemic hit, and she couldn’t ignore the need to prepare financially for Stefan’s future.

With advice from her attorney, Lemmon looked into options provided by the Disability Foundation through the Dayton Foundation.  After researching and talking with the director, she decided to establish a Testamentary Trust account.  “Knowing that money dedicated for Stefan would be handled by experts in money management, and then requests from Stefan and those advising him would be carefully reviewed to ensure appropriate use removed the fear and concern.  He is in good hands for many years to come.

Lemmon is also impressed with the option for helping others in the area living with disabilities, as she, herself, left the marketing world to take up a second career as a special education teacher.  “Should Stefan’s trust funds outlive him, the money can then be put to good use for others living with disabilities.”

Melissa and Stefan

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