About Us

If you love someone with a disability or are planning for the long-term care of a family member, you know it’s important to cover basic and daily needs, but you also want to ensure the enrichment and quality of life of the person so you can be confident they are living life to the fullest without concern for how their needs or wants will be met.

Supplemental-Services_examplesAt the Disability Foundation, a supporting organization to the Dayton Foundation, we work with families to ensure their resources are utilized for the things that matter most to them and their family. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities by complementing public benefits through the prudent management of financial resources. To do this, the Foundation acts as Distribution Trustee of The Ohio Community Pooled Annuity Trust and the Ohio Community Pooled Flexible-Spending Trust.

What this means, is that you can set aside resources for the care, entertainment, daily needs and life’s little extras without interfering with SSI or Medicaid benefits. This became possible in 1993 when Congress authorized the creation of “pooled” trusts to hold funds for people with disabilities without penalty to their benefits. Ohio, in cooperation with the Medicaid program, recognizes and exempts these trusts.

The Disability Foundation is a Type I Supporting Organization under the auspices of The Dayton Foundation. The Disability Foundation maintains its own tax exempt status (501 (c)(3), however the Dayton Foundation oversees daily activities and monitors its finances. The Dayton Foundation appoints all board members. At least one board member of The Disability Foundation is a staff member of The Dayton Foundation.

“If you know someone who has a child with a disability, here’s why you should learn more about us.”  Join us for a Q&A with Greg Darling, executive director of The Disability Foundation, Brittany O’Diam Horseman, chair of the Board.   LINK TO VIDEO