For Families

Families who have a child with a disability understand that his or her basic needs can be covered through Medicaid/SSI.  However, eligibility requires impoverishment.  Thus, there is no money to pay for “extras” like going to a movie or taking a vacation.  If a person with a disability receives a lump sum of money that could be used to pay for these supplemental items, he or she will most likely no longer be eligible for government benefits.  Until recently, families have been told to disinherit their child, who has a disability, when formulating their estate plans, to avoid the loss of any current or future benefits.

Now, thanks to new laws, The Disability Foundation is able to offer an alternative to disinheritance through its community pooled trusts.  Through its Ohio Community Pooled Annuity and Flexible-Spending Trusts, families are able to include their loved ones in their financial planning.  Individuals who participate in either, or both, of these Trusts will be able to qualify for Medicaid and SSI while still preserving assets to pay for supplemental items.  These items will help to pay for life-enrichment items, such as education, vacations, music lessons, theater tickets or even cable television to help promote the enhancement of their loved one’s life.

For more information on The Disability Foundation and our trusts check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or contact us.